Protect your Investment

Paint protection film (PPF) is a clear film that is applied to your vehicles painted surfaces that protects against stone chips, scratches, damage from road debris and other environmental factors.

  • We use XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS Protective Films
  • Available in High-Gloss & Matte Finish
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Discolouration & Stain Resistant
  • Self-Healing Top Coat


XPEL’s entire line of films is hand drawn, measured, and tested manually. Our ULTIMATE & STEALTH line uses special elastomeric polymer technology that allows the film to HEAL ITSELF from scratches or swirl marks in a matter of minutes.

XPEL developed their Design Access Program (DAP) Software to provide the most customizable and precise coverage in the industry. This means less hand cutting on vehicles and less splices in the film. This allows XPEL’s distributors to offer products that fit the needs of their customers while eliminating unnecessary waste. All of our workmanship is backed by our extensive warranties.

The DAP Software is Exclusive to XPEL films only!

Interior Protection

Paint Protection Film is your ultimate defense against the damage to your dashboard, center console trim and door sills. The highly advanced, virtually invisible layer that improves the performance of gloss surfaces, making it less vulnerable to scratches and wear & tear over the years of ownership. 

Headlight Protection

If you don’t care for the looks, you should definitely think about safety. In Alberta, especially during the dark commute in winter, the damage to your headlights is inevitable. The film protects the expensive headlight assembly from stonechips, and keeps them from hazing and yellowing by preserving the original UV coating.

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