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Job Site Safety, Operator Awareness, and Glass Maintenance are all on the checklist for Work Place Safety.  If you operate equipment for a living, you know the value of optic clarity.  You’re operational surroundings, fellow workers and the job in front of you means you get home safe.  Not Safety Glass, just safer glass.  10X stronger than untreated glass, means less transit damage, easier cleaning of dirt and debris, reduced glare and increased visual acuity.   Improve reaction time and be safe.

Nobody works harder than the Farmer. We are here to help you. By applying our coatings to your equipment’s glass can we can seriously cut down on your maintenance time to keep your glass optically satisfying. Our product will give you Better Visibility with Less Glare on those rainy and dark mornings and nights and Reduce Dirt/Dust Build Up experienced on your glass on those dry dusty days. The Safety Benefits are Clear, See Objects and Obstructions and Save Expensive Repairs and Down time on your valued equipment’s parts and accessories, critical to a successful day on the farm.  Optic Clarity and Low Maintenance!  Just a quick hit with the hose and you are crystal clear again.


Safety is one of the most important aspects of marine navigation.  Whether it’s a commercial vessel, pleasure craft or fishing boat, Enhanced Visual Acuity means Safer Operation. Our products applied to the windows of your vessel will disperse rain or wave spray and allow for clear vision while navigating safely through stormy seas or wind-blown lake waves. Applications will allow for optic clarity day or night, and dramatically Reduce Post Boating Maintenance.  Applied to your glass will dramatically improve your boating experience.

The US Navy and Coast Guard vessels are just a two examples who use this product. Good enough for them, good enough for you and me! At Precision we understand the cleaning requirements in boat ownership needed to keep that investment not only looking good but operating in a manner that ensures safety. Ease of cleaning, no more water spots baked into your glass, no more build up of salt composites, crisper vision and shiny clean surfaces, next time cleaning is a breeze. Lake water, salt water, it doesn’t matter, we have a solution for you.


In today’s Commercial and Residential designs incorporating glass, granite and tile accents are common in the home and office setting.  These features are beautiful to look at but challenging to keep looking clean. Our product provides a Quick Application, Low Cost Solution to ensuring long term beauty. Enhanced Clarity, Sparkle and Shine are Positive Effects of our Protective Coating.

Glass Office Partitions

Keep your janitorial staff at bay longer, save yourself some money by reducing the need for some of the daily and weekly cleaning regimes. In fact you may even Cut Interior Glass Cleaning down to just a Few Times Per Year. All you need to do is coat your glass . When the cleaning staff do have to clean, they only need a damp cloth and a dry cloth. No More Harsh Chemicals that Leave Lingering Odors.

Residential Applications

There is nothing worse than looking through that winter coat of soil stuck to the windows of your home, covering up that beautiful spring view out your kitchen and living room window. Now you know you need to commit some serious time and/or money having those windows cleaned, but you know that it won’t be the only cleaning you’ll need to do to preserve that beautiful clean look? Wrong! You can introduce our product to your Home and enjoy beautiful clean glass longer and when that next clean is needed, no worries, just pull out your garden hose and rinse it off, done! Back too beautiful!

In today’s building designs incorporating glass, granite and tile accents are common in the home and office setting.  These features are beautiful to look at but challenging to keep looking clean.  Supra Canada products provide an easy application, low cost solution to ensuring long term beauty.  In the home and office setting, enhanced clarity, sparkle and shine are positive effects of our protective glass coatings.



Our product is environmentally friendly, LEED certified, and enhance user experience.  Solar cells are more efficient with clear surface coatings.  Buildings require less maintenance, and reduced use of harsh cleaning chemicals, cleaning cycles are reduces saving precious water and expense.  We are a company that believes in the science of clean, safe, and end user benefits.

PROTECTS & SEALS surfaces for easier next time Cleaning and Maintenance.  Cut down frequency of cleaning cycles due to perceived “self-cleaning” activities provided via Mother Nature – the wind and rain.

PROTECTS SURFACES from environmental contaminants, mitigates re-soiling and re-staining. This covalent barrier allows the sun to shine through.

REPELS WATER – Helping to prevent associated rain borne embedded staining and aids in a perceived ‘self-cleaning” capacity.

Reduced need for chemicals and labor when it comes to next time Cleaning and Maintenance.

Helps Manage Refraction and Reflection of light by filling in the peaks and valleys; this will help improve the solar panel functionality, efficiency and output.

User Safe & Environmentally Compliant